Doncaster snow-go

Frost on car this morning


Thank you to everyone for your interest in the Whose Shoes?Putting People First learning and development tool. I was due to have an exhibition stand at the Yorkshire and Humber Skills for Care conference in Doncaster today- but it is cancelled due to the snow!  Mixed feelings – phew, I hate driving in snow and ice but disappointment as they are a great crowd up there and I was looking forward to the event and catching up with everyone.

So, while the big freeze continues I have set up a blog – easier than I thought – and will tell you about our Yorkshire project here instead…

We are running a really exciting project in Yorkshire & Humber.  Barbara Dalby ( a carer herself and also Director of Nucleus Care Navigation) and Sharon Terry (an individual employer and “expert by experience”) are running lively Whose Shoes? sessions to empower service users and carers with knowledge and confidence about the personalisation agenda in health and social care . Ultimately we are planning for them to invite “professionals” (eg local authority people, elected members, care providers, university lecturers and students) to their sessions, bringing a whole new aproach to “co-production”!

We won a Skills for Care / Skills for Health “Meet the Dragons” award at the “Thinking outside the box” conference in Gateshead in June 2010 and  are doing this as part of a project that is looking at the impact of Whose Shoes? in different settings.

Hope to report on some of these in future blogs!


About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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4 Responses to Doncaster snow-go

  1. Philippa Codd says:

    Looking forward to more blogs! There’s nothing stopping your IT skills now!
    Pity about the exhibition, but Barbara and the team seem to be doing a fantastic job engaging service users with the game.


  2. well done with the blog – the secret to blog longevity is to post something a couple of times a week (I’ve been a blogger sunce the early 90s)

    I love the phrase “expert by experience” I’m going to start using that!


  3. Whose Shoes? says:

    Many thanks Philippa and Gary – yes, quite excited about this. I love learning new stuff and communicating in new ways. Fascinated that Gary has done a blog since early 90s – un vrai pioneer….. I just had a Letts diary in those days!


  4. Kathy Hunt says:


    I think your blog is fabulous and love the cricket story theme, so appropriate and a ‘thinking outside of the box’ area definitely. Well thought through and I know the game and your work will go from strength to strength – keep blogging!!!


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