E-people become real people!

 “Never underestimate how a small group of committed people can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead.

Well, we haven’t changed the world yet but a small group of very committed people met in London last week with one thing in common – a passion for personalisation in health and social care.

Last summer, Philippa Codd set up a group on LinkedIn called “The personalisation group to revolutionise social care”. Something in the name gives it away. This was not to be just another discussion group. It was always intended to identify and promote good practice and lead to positive action. A forum of like-minded people, wanting to make a difference.

I was thrilled when, right at the start, Philippa invited me to co-manage the group. We have built it together, actively recruiting people with an impressive range of expertise and perspectives. We are proud of the membership – almost 400 people now and with new enquiries every day.

We wanted to take things a step further so, a short time ago, we put out an open invitation to group members. We asked whether people were interested in meeting up to share ideas. What could this group offer? How could we best take it forward?

The power of social media is phenomenal. Within days, we had the offer of a free venue for the day in central London. One of our core members, Shirley Ayres, came forward in partnership with Jill Smith, manager at Remploy, an organisation making huge progress with personalisation, helping people gain employment and fulfil their potential.

So… fast forward to last week. 25 of us met up at Remploy in Euston Road and discussed ways in which we could pool expertise and work together. Many ideas were considered but, more significantly, people were prepared to step up to the plate and volunteer for key tasks.

We are still distilling ideas, but one key proposal was to set up a space on the web where good practice and “barriers” to personalisation could be collected and shared – very much in line with thoughts in my recent blogs. We want to collect examples from all areas of practice – stories from service users, carers, commissioners, care providers, front-line staff, managers and leaders…walk a mile in my shoes

Early days yet… Watch this space.


About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives. http://nutshellcomms.co.uk
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9 Responses to E-people become real people!

  1. Pam Weight says:

    We live in such changing times – and this iniative is a positive example of the potential of the collective; particularly after the ‘overwhelm’ of more recent times. I really applaud your inclusive approach, which I will pass on to those I know will be interested.


  2. kaz57 says:

    hi it sounds like a wonderful day – im sorry i missed it . i am currently training as a support planner during a 3month secondment from the charity where i work. it is a steep learning curve – i have started a blog to chronicle the ups and downs of the journey i am on so its partly my journal, but it is also a site on which i hope people involved in the implementation of personalisation will share experiences and ideas and support each other, I do hope you will have a look at
    http://www.AfterAlice.wordpress.com ……. i look forward to reading more of your blog – i find it very informative and useful


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