In the shoes of…Wendy Maxwell | Chill 4 Us Carers

As we continue our series of  ‘walk in my shoes’ blogposts, looking at dementia from different perspectives, Bank Holiday Monday seems a fitting day to feature Chill 4 Us Carers.  On a day when many formal services will be closed, but when the 24/7 job of carers continues often without respite, this invaluable 24/7 internet resource will provide a life-line for many carers. Wendy Maxwell explains…

We are carers or ex carers supporting and caring for one another. Our membership includes many people who struggle to care for their loved ones who have dementia.

One of the biggest challenges facing a carer today is a sense of isolation and social exclusion.

Our Carers forum is about information, humour, fantasy and fun, but most of all support and concern for one another.   We have a forum, a 24 hour chat room and a games arcade. Our members say Chill4us is like a family and they post messages nearly every quarter of an hour. They tell us that when things seem bleak they can post a message and someone always manages to cheer them and the support they get from other members helps them carry on.

Sometimes the member caring for someone with dementia will discuss toilet needs or tell us how they feel when family and friends stay away.  It is a lonely and tough road that they follow.

The members tell us how much the arcade means to them, a few minutes of respite without leaving their home.  Sometimes all they want to do is to chat with another carer and it is then they use our chatroom.

THERE IS NOT ANOTHER SITE LIKE THIS, we all care for each other and pass on information and tips to help each other,  we share a joke and help each other through difficult times.

Chill4usCarers is a friendly independent  voluntary organisation with a constitution and committee, set up in 2002.

Our site is run for carers by carers and we all do so on a voluntary basis.  Please do join us on our forum.  –

Wendy also tells us about the “Computers for Carers”  project that followers of this blog may be able to help with:

About three years ago we set up Computers for Carers  –

Most carers are unable to leave the house due to not being able to leave the person they care for on their own, which can obviously leave the carer feeling isolated.  Because of this many carers feel depressed or have a lack of self worth.

We at Computers4Carers understand these issues, which is why we campaign to give the carer a window to the outside world – a free laptop.

Please help us to continue this work, by donating your unwanted laptop, which will then be refurbished and sent out to a carer waiting to access the internet.

We are waiting to hear from you.

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4 Responses to In the shoes of…Wendy Maxwell | Chill 4 Us Carers

  1. Jude Habib says:

    Thanks for bringing Wendy’s story to a wider audience. The work she does to give carers a voice and relieve social isolation cannot be underestimated. I have learnt a huge amount from her and will continue to champion the work of Chill4usCarers personally and through my organisation sounddelivery which gave a percentage of its profits to the organisation early this year. My mum is a carer and I know from personal experience the importance of forums and networks to get information. Keep it up Wendy!


    • Whose Shoes? says:

      Thank you Jude. Everything I hear about Wendy and “Chill4UsCarers fills me with admiration – such a valuable 24/7 resource for carers! Wendy’s blogpost is a very valuable contribution to the series 🙂


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