Round up of “In my shoes” – Dementia Awareness, Week 4

Recently we started, as part of Dementia Awareness Week, a series of “in my shoes” guest blogposts, looking at dementia from different perspectives. Although the “awareness week” has ended, the need to raise awareness remains urgent. The series has proved very popular, so we have continued to post individual stories, continuing to build the story of what dementia really means and what needs to improve. Thank you to everyone who has been re-tweeting and commenting on Twitter. Please post comments on the blog too!
We have had another set of  excellent contributions this week…

This is a round up of Week 4:

Day 20: In the shoes of…a social work student | Passionate about personalisation for everyone
Why we need to listen to EVERYONE and work together! A social work student shares her passion for personalisation and tells us why she decided to train as a social worker…

Day 21: In the shoes of…Beth Britton | Freelance feature writer, blogger and dementia campaigner
Beth shares the moving story of why the experience of her Dad’s long illness made her become a passionate dementia campaigner…

Day 22: In the shoes of…Sarah Reed | Reminiscence and dementia communications specialist and award-winning designer 
Sarah has developed fantastic reminiscence resources to help people with dementia re-connect with their past and have fun!

Day 23: In the shoes of…Catherine Gaskell | Managing Director |The Results Company
Another powerful story – meet Cathe’s grandmother, Violet Crabbe, who ran a birthing house in her own home and was sometimes paid in home grown fruit or fresh seafood…

A break from the series: Personalisation – bridging the gap between theory & practice
An open question. A year on from an important national conference: what progress has been made?

The dementia series continues with some more fascinating stories next week. We are supporting Carers’ Week by concentrating on carer-related stories: the wonderful people who care for people with dementia or, in a couple of cases, care for the carers…

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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