Special moments … for #dementiachallengers

I wrote the other day about the power of Twitter. The power to bring like-minded people together – quickly and effectively.

We are forming into a group of #dementiachallengers – and it is exciting. These people do not just want to talk about change. They are bringing about change through so many different means – developing practical resources, collecting stories, innovating, sharing good practice, casting a spotlight on unacceptable or poor practice … telling the “powers that be” how it is to walk in their shoes.

Inevitably, a lot of this is campaigning. We have been following Sally’s story (@nursemaiden), supporting her as she highlights the unappetising looking “meal” that was served to her father and her on-going fight for Continuing Care funding.

But another side of Twitter is the very real support that “Twitterati” are able to give each other.

Today Sally shared a small but wonderful moment of joy – a glimpse of her father as she remembers him, still knowing her name and that she is there for him. One simple tweet sharing this news sparked a flurry of supportive responses.

There may well have been lots more, but this is the conversation I saw and wanted to share (the conversation starts at the bottom):

And suddenly my own little tweet, sent spontaneously, mentioning one of my own “special dementia moments” when my father-in-law” (who appeared to know none of us) suddenly tousled my young son’s hair as he walked past… is shared with about 6000 people – and I feel very emotional.

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6 Responses to Special moments … for #dementiachallengers

  1. jaffabud says:

    Now that is what social media access is for 🙂 xxx


  2. Whose Shoes? says:

    Indeed it is 🙂 xxx


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  4. Great stuff! You might enjoy reading some recent observations of mine on my mother’s situation dealing with dementia.

    The Last Month Turned: http://duckrabbit.info/blog/?p=22889

    and the follow up The Forgotten Sausage: http://duckrabbit.info/blog/?p=22996

    and the most recent Archaeology: http://duckrabbit.info/blog/?p=23243


  5. Whose Shoes? says:

    Thank you John. I recommend that people interested in dementia should read your powerful stories. Your blogposts struck a huge chord with me. My Mum in law’s story had uncanny parallels. In particular she lived alone until January 2010 and then had a fall and never went home again. Similarly, it was only at this stage that the full extent of her dementia became apparent – we had all “managed” until then. We too had to clear the flat and endeavour to find “good homes” for everything. The combination of dementia and OCD led to pretty much everything being wrapped in plastic bags…but that’s another story.


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