Round up of “In my shoes” – Dementia Awareness, Week 9

Graphics by Anna Geyer, New Possibilities

We are now at the end of Week 9 of this “in my shoes” series of guest blogs, looking at dementia from different perspectives. The blog is proving to be a great opportunity for lots of shy violets and first-time-bloggers to pick up their virtual pens and tell us what they are up to! Each week seems to bring a new development. We are delighted that the blog has again been featured by Clare Horton under “On my radar” on the Guardian website.

Similarly, there has been quite a surge in interest in the concept of #dementiachallengers, a hashtag used by a growing group of campaigners on Twitter, striving to highlight good and bad practice. I am honoured and delighted to be part of this emerging group of people working to make a real difference to people living with dementia and their carers.

Thank you to all the contributors and to everyone who has been supporting us.
Perhaps the next step is to ask celebrities to support and re-tweet as a means of carrying our message to a wider audience, particularly the general public.

Meanwhile, here is a round up of Week 9:

Day 48: Special moments … for #dementiachallengers
Who are these #dementiachallengers? How is Twitter helping us bring like -minded people together? How are we able to campaign for change whilst also offering each other emotional and practical support…?

Day 49: In the shoes of … Chris Gage | CEO & Creative Director | Ladder to the Moon

© Ladder to the Moon

A great post to start the week, against the backdrop of the fun and excitement of the Olympics and the creativity of the Opening Ceremony. Why shouldn’t older people have fun and push the boundaries too?
How can “Ladder to the Moon” fail to help people achieve their dreams with a name like that?…

Day 50: In the shoes of … Catherine Ross | Editor |  The Journal of Dementia Care (JDC)
An opportunity to showcase the Journal of Dementia Care (JDC) – a wonderful resource for anyone interested in dementia – and with a very inclusive, cutting edge approach…

Day 51: In the shoes of … Norman McNamara | Living with dementia and wonderful dementia campaigner
The first blogpost actually written by someone living with dementia – and I hope we will have more. A powerful blog by Norrms,  sharing insights into his unfolding journey…

Day 52: In the shoes of … Lynn Sandelance | Care Services Manager | New Charter Homes
Some people are just brilliant at sharing information about good stuff. Mike Clark must be at the top of the “Leader Board” (sorry, my boys watch wall-to-wall Top Gear). This led to Lynn telling us more about Beatrix House, an exciting new Extra Care development in Tameside….

Day 53: In my shoes – because it’s been an exciting week!
A chance to share some of the work we are doing to build the Whose Shoes? concept, both through the blog and through Whose Shoes? tools and workshops. This included an exciting day with Dr Karim Saad’s (@Karim3SD) award-winning Early Onset Dementia Team in Coventry, which was well received…


FLAG IT UP! We are again taking a one week break from the daily posts in the dementia series to consolidate the work done so far and get “better value” from the time invested by our excellent guest bloggers.

We are asking people to share their favourite  stories  through social media and their networks. Please post comments on the blog too!

Also…there are some wonderful quotes in the series. We will be tweeting some of them – perhaps you would like to do the same.

The dementia series continues with more fascinating stories next week. We have new contributions lined up including … an authoritative blogpost about the experience of carers in the UK and news of an exciting Innovation Challenge in Leicestershire.

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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