Round up of “In my shoes” – Dementia Awareness, Week 10

We are now at the end of Week 10 of this “in my shoes” series of guest blogs, looking at dementia from different perspectives… recovering from the Olympics, and looking forward to the Paralympics, the blog itself  is turning into a bit of a marathon. 🙂

A challenging time indeed for #dementiachallengers, our passionate Twitter band, as @carer33’s husband / @nursemaiden’s Dad has been turned down for Continuing Health Care funding. I found this depressing and wish them luck with their struggle, remembering all too well our own distressing experience of CHC. Although we came out financially on the right side of it, I felt as bruised and battered by the whole process as they do now and it is very sad that things seem to be much the same.

Anyway, I digress. I set out to do a round-up of the great guest blogs we have had this week.
Here is a round up of Week 10:

Day 55: In the shoes of … Andrew Cozens | Chair of Carers Trust  | Freelance consultant in care and health

Andrew Cozens, Chair of Carers Trust, makes a powerful analogy comparing the amazing feats of recent weeks with the tortuous journey  carers face as they try to to navigate the maze of social care and health…

Day 56: In the shoes of … The birds and the bees | Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

My photo-blog of Brandon Nature Reserve. Activity and fresh air. Throw in some wonderful sights and colours… Why should older people be stuck indoors looking at four walls…? (… and I have updated the photos as we went back again this weekend 🙂

Day 57: In the shoes of … Norman McNamara (2) | How it feels to live with dementia

Our second blogpost by Norrms. A distressing story; Norrms tells us a little about the progression of his dementia and how he feels about it… 

Day 58: In the shoes of … Katherine Brown | Arts and Health Project Manager | Beauty and Utility Arts

Fab creative project – part of Innovation Challenge in Leicestershire – using arts to bring a bit of buzz to the lives of older people…


SPREAD THE WORD! We are again taking a one week break from the daily posts in the dementia series to consolidate the work done so far and get “better value” from the time invested by our excellent guest bloggers.

We are asking people to share their favourite  stories  through social media and their networks. Please post comments on the blog too!

Also…there are some wonderful quotes in the series. We will be tweeting some of them – perhaps you would like to do the same.

The dementia series continues with more fascinating stories next week. We have new contributions lined up including … personalisation in care homes and an important reflection about safeguarding…

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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