Round up of “In my shoes” – Dementia Awareness, Week 12

So, we have been running this series for 12 weeks.  TWELVE WEEKS! A series to raise awareness of dementia.

So what have we achieved? Quite a lot, I think, judging by the increased readership and the way that people are now coming forward with great posts,  (yes, volunteering!) keen to have a voice. It has been important for the series, and a key part of the Whose Shoes? concept,  to hear from ALL perspectives. But I have particularly enjoyed encouraging “first time bloggers” whose stories would not otherwise have been told – people with dementia, carers and innovative small providers.

Grazing turtle in the Great Barrier Reef – ©Karim Saad

It is great to see more and more guest bloggers talking to each other (via Twitter and otherwise) and flagging up inspiring examples of dementia care. Since the last round-up, we have been following Dr Karim Saad (one of our first guest bloggers) @KarimS3D speaking at the prestigious IPA conference in Australia, as well as marvelling at his underwater photography. Twitter allows us to get to know each other as PEOPLE and not just in a single facet of our lives 🙂 

We have worked together as a growing band of passionate #dementiachallengers to identify and campaign about the problem areas. I hope to reflect on our achievements to date further in  future blogposts.

In the meantime, here is the round-up of the guest blogs in Week 12 – and a VERY interesting week it was too…

Day 66: In the shoes of … Kath Horner | Health Improvement Principal | Public Health NHS Sheffield

Reproduced with kind permission of
Sheffield Local Studies Library.

Kath Horner tells us about the journey to make Sheffield dementia friendly. Early days as yet but Kath has promised to update us as they make progress with the more ‘person centred’ parts of this work…

Day 67: In the shoes of Karen (2)… a daughter’s insights into life in a care home

Folowing up last week’s thought-provoking posts by Mike Ewins and Alan Rosenbach, a very moving letter. What does safeguarding mean from a daughter’s perspective?…

Day 68: In the shoes of … Simona Florio | Co-ordinator | The Healthy Living Club
There has been an amazing response to this blog! The club has a bit of everything – effective community development, peer support, reciprocal collaboration with other local organisations…  This was just the kind of small project with BIG ideas that I wanted to include in our series…

Day 69: In the shoes of … Norman McNamara (4) | Dementia Awareness Day, 15 September 2012

Another great post from ‘Norrms’ , leading the ‘hands-on, no messing’ dementia work in Torbay. Saturday was Dementia Awareness Day and we challenged everyone to do at least ONE SMALL THING to help raise awareness of dementia and reduce stigma!…

Day 70: In the shoes of … Norman Lamb | Minister of State for Care and Support

Only two weeks into his new Cabinet post, we are honoured to have a guest blog, explaining the government’s Dementia Challenge and latest developments,  from Norman Lamb, the new Minister of State for Care and Support…

Delighted also that the series got another mention by Clare Horton in her “on my radar” feature on the Guardian Society website AND another mention on the awesome ‘Disruptive Social Care podcast’ by Shirley Ayres and Stuart Arnott. Thank you!

_______________________________________________________________ The blog will now take a slightly different format.  We are keen to fill ‘gaps’ in the series – for example more information about the importance of good design, the benefits of early diagnosis and more insights into how dementia affects real people, real families.

One of the key challenges is to spread awareness among people who DON’T normally think about dementia. It is really good news that the government is launching a new campaign to promote understanding of dementia amongst the general public and with people in shops and banks and public transport…    The million dollar question remains… 

What can YOU do to help?

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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2 Responses to Round up of “In my shoes” – Dementia Awareness, Week 12

  1. Can I write something for you? I’m the wife of a dementia sufferer, now in a care home; neighbour to dementia sufferers on each side! I do my Dementia Diary on Friday and Saturday ( but would be happy to contribute when you need.

    You’re doing a great job and it is really inspiring to hear what’s going on. There is hope for the future – but it’s really tough for those of us in the middle of it now where there is no help. For example I’m trying to sell our house to be able to continue funding my husband’s care and could do with good advice…


  2. Whose Shoes? says:

    Thank you for your comments and kind offer, Dorothy. I have looked at your Dementia Diary and it is very interesting and a great idea. I’d be very happy if you’d like to write a blog for our series – talking about the Dementia Diary itself, why you are doing it, how you are raising / hope to raise awareness etc. Also, as a wife/ carer / neighbour, your thoughts on our series and the realities of day-to-day life, and perhaps thoughts on what would really help you in the short-term etc.

    The financial issues you mention are areas we have not covered in much depth – so sorry you are having to sell your own house to pay for your husband’s care. I think people often think about elderly parents and people missing out on hoped-for inheritances but less so about your situation. Also, your role / responsibility for your neighbours – again dementia in the community is a hugely important topic. In your own time 🙂 Gill


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