Reflections from the Dementia Congress, Brighton

I have had a wonderful couple of days at the Dementia Congress in Brighton. Brighton has a very vibrant, young culture and it’s been fun to be here at Halloween with gangs of ghouls and skeletons on the streets and a gale blowing!

In particular, I have loved turning more e-friends into real friends! NEVER under-estimate the power of Twitter and the groundswell that is called #dementiachallengers.

So, because I am buzzing and can’t sleep (!), I have compiled a quick A-Z of some random thoughts that you might perhaps enjoy:

Authenticity. You know it when you see it!
Beauty. Everywhere. Open your eyes!
Compassion. Will YOU stand for compassion?
Dementia. The ‘D’ word. #dementiachallengers
End of life. Plan for it! Live well before you die!
Family and friends. You are blessed indeed if you have them.
Gratitude. Be thankful every day!
Human being. See the person, not the disease!
Isolation, suffered by far, far too many people
Joining things up – with the person in the centre!
Karim Saad’s style of leadership – pushing the boundaries.
Listening. Empathy. Walking in my shoes.
Making it real. Making your contribution count!
New skills, new interests. Never too late!
Openness and trust. Shared vision.
Processes to support what you do, not become what you do!
Quiet. A quiet heart and an open mind.
Reflection – as an integral part of care and support
Stigma needs to be removed
Transformation. Whole system transformation
Urgency. This agenda cannot wait!
Value. We ALL need to feel valued!
Winterbourne. Never again!!
Xcellence in co-production and community engagement
You and me. We matter!
Zzzzzzzz….. Good night 🙂

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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