Helping to remind thinkers and policy makers “what it’s all about”…

I am a big fan of the Disruptive Social Care podcasts. Right at the beginning of the podcast series, I described Shirley Ayres and Stuart Arnott as the “Moira Stewart and Chris Evans of social care.” I look forward to their regular Friday double acts, “spreading the word about what’s going on in disruptive social care and amplifying the voices of people with great ideas that few people have ever heard about”.

One of the key aims of the show is to “interview thought leaders across the sector.” They have indeed had some great guests and interestingly some very strong supporters of Whose Shoes? including Andrea Sutcliffe, CEO of the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) a few weeks ago. I love the relaxed, chatty format. I was delighted when I heard that listening to the podcast counts towards Continuing Professional Development as it is a great way for care professionals to keep abreast of new developments and the show successfully challenges established thinking in many areas.

This week I was really looking forward to hearing Richard Humphries, Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund. I was not disappointed! Now at Episode 15 (can you believe it?) it is, as always, a great podcast – entertaining, authentic and very informative. Richard offers huge insights into the world of social care and health but speaks in a way that makes the key issues understandable and accessible to all. “Season of mists and party conferences”… Love it. Common sense personified…. 🙂

AND thank you Richard for your very generous recommendation of my Whose Shoes? blog (in the #FF section at the end of the podcast -38 mins 40). Brilliant that you find that our blogging series, which looks at social care issues generally and dementia care specifically from different perspectives, is helping remind thinkers and policy makers “what it’s all about”. Fantastic!

Richard also has high praise for my 90 year old Mum’s “great post” recently talking about how difficult many older people find much of the new technology that pervades modern society. Again, Richard says this was a “kind of salutary reminder”.

A huge personal thank you to Shirley Ayres – Shirley is indeed my “social media queen”. It was Shirley who introduced me to the whole world of social media, inviting me to “Linkin” when I had only four connections, and then helping me find my way. Social media has opened doors for me and my small business in unimaginable ways. It has forged the most amazing friendships as “e-people have become real people” across the country and more recently internationally.

And finally, I was delighted to meet Stuart in person last week. I had arranged to drop in again to the Healthy Living Club in Lambeth to do some more filming of their wonderful activities. I am on a personal crusade to help secure proper funding for this unique club which brings warmth, fun and joy to people who happen to be living with dementia. It is SO different from conventional “services”.

Here is a clip from the video I took – the lovely ‘Bassez Down’ song where each member of the club is greeted individually by name. A special moment of undivided attention, compassion and friendship. This reminds me strongly of the deep insights shared by one of our #dementiachallengers, the gentle Andy Bradley, in a powerful TEDxBrighton video published last week.

The ‘Bassez Down’ song is haunting – be warned, it is hard to get it off your mind. A simple yet deeply moving way of interacting with people with dementia, making them feel valued and helping them learn and remember each other’s names. The same people come to the club week after week – well you would, wouldn’t you?

And for anyone who hasn’t had their fill of Bassez Down, here in somewhat Pinteresque style, is a film within a film 🙂

As it turned out, I also took the opportunity to meet up there with Stuart Arnott and business partner Ian and do a filmed interview singing the praises of their  excellent ‘Mindings’ resource. Mindings is a great tool for anyone who wants to bring the benefits of  social media and staying connected to those who are unable or unwilling to use conventional  technology. And, more specifically, it enables my son in Australia to send photos from his cricket matches to his (she-of-new-blogging-fame) Granny! 🙂

I am extremely grateful to Shirley and Stu for their very loyal support of both the Whose Shoes? products (and yes, Stu got a sneaky preview of the new electronic version) and the @WhoseShoes blog series. In fact, they have given us a mention most weeks!

And talking about funding… I think Shirley and Stu are looking for a sponsor to enable them to continue this wonderful podcast initiative in 2013…

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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8 Responses to Helping to remind thinkers and policy makers “what it’s all about”…

  1. It’s wonderful to know there’s so much good stuff going on out there. Well done, everybody. Whose Shoes is fantastic… and it’s great to discover disruptive socialcare’s podcasts. Must admit Bassez Down made me cry!


    • Whose Shoes? says:

      Thank you Dorothy. It is always especially rewarding to get comments on the blog from carers and the people they care for! Join Twitter and I can thank you there too:)

      Stay strong – I wish there was a “Healthy Living Club” in every locality. The atmosphere is so warm and loving that carers and other volunteers enjoy the weekly sessions as much as the people living with dementia. I think that this community involvement is the best way to create armies of #dementiafriends!


  2. To help with the funding of The Disruptive Social Care Podcast we should start an e-petition in support of the Disruptive Duo.


  3. Whose Shoes? says:

    Yes, we need to disrupt a little to support both the Healthy Living Club (see above) and our wonderful “Disruptive Duo”…. LOVE that name for them 🙂


  4. “Disruptive Duo” – I love it. I’ll wear a mask and Shirley can have a cape “Disrupting Social Care and Connecting the Disconnected!”


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