Twitter – A cool way of keeping in touch with customers…

  1. I wish all Whose Shoes? customers were on Twitter…. 🙂
    I ask people to keep in touch and let me know how they are using the tool. Who are they using it with? What are their learning or perhaps co-production objectives? What are the outcomes? I love putting customers in touch with each other to share creative tips and get the most out of the tool. I get excited when a customer joins Twitter as it is an instant way to make this happen – and fun for all involved. I get particularly excited when it is a highly creative customer like Ashleigh Niven…
    I first met Ashleigh a couple of years ago in Glasgow when she attended my Whose Shoes? workshop at the innovative “Personalisation Festival of Ideas” run by the Glasgow Social Care Providers’Forum (now known as the Social Care Ideas Factory).  Ashleigh worked as a Team Leader for Enable Scotland. I was not surprised when Enable Scotland quickly became Whose Shoes?customers. I was always delighted to chat with Ashleigh as she had great ideas for learning and development exercises using the scenarios…
  2. But we had not been in contact for a while. One day I “spotted” Ashleigh on Twitter – she was a girl after my own heart….
  3. Enable Scotland are currently running a series of free personalisation masterclasses working with Local Authorities across Scotland. With our permission, they are using Whose Shoes? as the centrepiece of these events… Now, I could keep in touch with progress via Twitter.
  4. I’m afraid this is a bit of a one-sided conversation. I am still learning about Storify and have not been able to capture my replies from this conversation – probably because I tweet far too much and they are buried in the mists of time.
    Still, I think one of the key things about innovation is NOT waiting until you have all the answers but sharing the learning and the journey as you go.
    No doubt Mike Clark (@clarkmike) will sort me out again and share some more tips as he always so generously does…
  5. Ha! I can capture this one because Ashleigh re-tweeted it…. Will have to encourage her to RT more…
  6. Great! Another fan for our Healthy Living Club videos!…. And here is the latest video, which I know you will also love, Ashleigh…
  7. It’s been great to hear how the Enable Scotland masterclasses have been going. They are not just having thought-provoking sessions but, very importantly, using Whose Shoes? to produce action plans…  “4stuff that needs to change”. LOVE it! 
  8. Interviews? INTERVIEWS? I have never before heard of – or indeed thought of – Whose Shoes? being used for interviews…
    How exciting!
  9. Twitter is fab but at some point you need more than 140 characters – or (shock, horror, probe) even to TALK!
    I had a lovely chat with Ashleigh and was delighted, but not a bit surprised, to learn that she had been promoted and was now Personalisation Development Manager. Pauline and Jen (development workers in Ashleigh’s team) had suggested using two of the cards from the game to conduct the group interviews for Ashleigh’s old post. They have all been kind enough to write up detailed case studies of how this worked… which I will publish in the New Year on my new website. Suffice to say that it was something truly creative and unique getting candidates to work alongside some of the people Enable Scotland support rather than a traditional “interview”. Amazing.
  10. At this point Pauline and Jenn, the people who had suggested using Whose Shoes? for the interviews – also new to Twitter – joined the party – innovators all 🙂
  11. Meanwhile, with all this happening in Scotland, I was running a one day Whose Shoes? workshop working with the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare (NLIAH) in Wales…
  12. Oooh. And suddenly the two different groups come together. Maureen Grove talks of inviting me to come up to Scotland again…
  13. I remember saying that, if I do go to Scotland, I MUST take the opportunity to meet with one of our fab #dementiachallengers, Tommy Whitelaw a.k.a @TommyNTour.
  14. Delighted to welcome another Scottish Whose Shoes? customer … Yay! They are on Twitter…
  15. And a final thought. For all #dementiachallengers…


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3 Responses to Twitter – A cool way of keeping in touch with customers…

  1. Whose Shoes? says:

    Haha! And it is only lunch-time for you, Kate. Midnight here 🙂 xox


  2. Kate Swaffer says:

    I’m exhausted reading this… but love your passion! xox


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