1. I think Simona Florio, the wonderful co-ordinator of the Healthy Living Club in Lambeth, was teasing when she announced to the world early yesterday that life would now be easier for everyone at the club… How many others, like me, were waiting with bated breath to see if they had secured the funding they so deserve, as a result of their application to Guys and St Thomas Charity?
    But actually Simona was telling the world that the club had now got… a printer. (Seriously, a good indicator of just how much the club has struggled for funding.)
  2. The day continued with, as usual, huge praise of the club…
  3. Having published a ‘Storify’ yesterday, I had NOT planned to publish another one so soon but I love the spontaneity of social media and it was good to hear that people seem to like my tentative dabbles with this new medium. And anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of stories as a medium to get the “real stuff” across, so this new development was only a matter of time… 🙂
  4. And, as ever, a wonderful response from Simona, reminding us of the “assets based” approach they adopt at the Healthy Living Club. Well “assets based” might be the sort of term that “experts” use whereas they have quite probably never heard of this rather strange terminology at the club – they just put the person with dementia RIGHT in the centre and get on and make them smile…
  5. Indeed. There would be no club without the people living with dementia who come along week after week – and, I have noticed, generally sit in the same chairs! And it is clear that, because of the huge warmth and natural compassion of the club, everyone enjoys the weekly session equally. When I have visited the club, I have chatted to ex-carers who have carried on attending and participating long after their relatives have died, because they themselves get so much from the visits. One is the club’s vice-chair and another is the treasurer. This is in sharp contrast to so many ex-carers when their relatives pass away. When they cease full-time caring, people so often hit a huge void in their lives, exacerbated by financial and administrative pressures.
  6. And then the amazing news came through! Yes, even more exciting than the printer…
  7. And for anyone playing “catch up” and wondering what has been going on, here is a summary of the story so far! An amazing  story! The Healthy Living Club. Inclusive, enabling and fun!
  8. No, don’t worry. I’m not going to include *THAT* Bassez Down Song again 🙂
    Now I know there’s a clever way to import this, but NO idea what it is…
    I give you….. THE BANANA BOAT SONG!
  9. And, as you can imagine, there were LOADS of RTs going around but I have aimed to share out the “mentions”… And to be honest I find it a bit tricky to see what is imported so have probably duplicated and missed stuff – but you will get the gist. Apologies if I’ve missed people…
  10. And our lovely friend @nurse_with_glasses chipped in from Holland with one of her “Twitter Art” faces that always make me smile…
  11. Then MORE good news for the #dementiachallengers and another round of celebratory tweets…
  12. And more international accolades…
  13. And another of our #dementiachallengers, doing wonderful creative work with people living with dementia in Cornwall…
  14. How long will it be before EVERYWHERE in the country has a dedicated Early Onset Dementia team like we have in Coventry?How long before EVERYWHERE in the country has a vibrant Healthy Living Club like they do in Lambeth?One thing that really interests me is how you “bottle” these things and replicate them. Academics would no doubt look at funding levels and staffing (nearly nil in HLCLC case, which just proves that passion and energy can achieve amazing results). Although these are clearly very important, what they might miss is the more intangible human side – charisma, leadership, energy, compassion, innovation and – in the case of Simona and friends – a defiant refusal to lay down and die when they were CLOSED DOWN back in March!

    What no amount of research can do is capture the SPIRIT of a successful formula / team which is such a big part of these stories. Perhaps research should be concentrated on how to clone Simona and Claire and all the gang at HLCLC and Dr Saad’s team in Coventry?

    THEN we would indeed have a winning formula!


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