“Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Img_0014aMy blog is usually about social care and health. Often about dementia. Always an opportunity for reflection.

In a recent post I wrote an ‘A-Z list of reflections’ from the Dementia Congress in Brighton.

R is for “Reflection – as an integral part of care and support”.

There are many things to reflect on at the moment as the public sector struggles with yet more cuts. Tensions continue between the need for creativity and innovation on the one hand and people reeling from constant change on the other; the conflicting demands of integration and competition; the totally different funding models and entitlements in health and social care. Richard Humphries’ recent interview on the Disruptive Social Care podcast explores these issues in a very helpful way.

Another passion of mine is photography – not in a serious ‘SLR, aperture, keep swapping lenses’ kind of way but simply a day-to-day hobby. Indeed I see some very serious photographers on my many visits to nature centres, camouflaged from head to toe so that they and their lenses blend with the trees. But there again, I SEE them so perhaps the camouflage isn’t so good…

I was inevitably drawn to this week’s WordPress “Photo Challenge – Reflections” and have collected together a few recent photos that I hope you will enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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