On a roll – #dementiachallengers look forward to 2013!

“Never underestimate how a small group of committed people can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead.

I used this quote once before on my blog when we first set up our LinkedIn group, now known as “the personalisation group to integrate social care, health and housing”. The group now has well over 2000 members and has been described as lively and informative (although I must confess to loving the immediacy of Twitter somewhat more!)

The #dementiachallengers are just such a group. We haven’t changed the world yet but a lot has happened since a number of us met up at the Dementia Congress in Brighton a very short time ago….


Take last week, for instance…

Hot on the heels of the happy news of the grant for HLCLC

(3 Dec) 
We had (BIG fanfare ♬♪♫ ♬♪♫) the launch of Lee Stribling 
(@dragonmisery) #dementiachallengers website –
an EXCELLENT resource for carers of people living with dementia…

followed up by really practical links and tips:

And, most importantly, highly praised by carers…

(3 Dec)  And then, on the same day, we received the wonderful news that Stuart Arnott and Ian Pleasance had won major funding for Mindings

A well deserved triumph and very fitting in view of the tremendous support that Shirley Ayres and Stuart give to innovative projects, not least Whose Shoes? !

I was delighted, in turn, to have had the chance to support Stuart in his bid by being one of two #dementiachallengers interviewed… at the Healthy Living Club (where else?) talking about the way we use Mindings to enable my son in Australia to send  photos to my Mum. We #dementiachallengers are a very supportive network because there is so much good work to share!

Stuart commented: “I played the video of your comments about Mindings as part of the presentation and I think it was a major part of us winning, I had several positive comments afterwards and you gave us the validation we really needed.”

(4 Dec) Then we had breaking news of a BIG news story around compassion in care. For the second time, Andy Bradley was getting up early to spread the word on breakfast TV (this time ITV’s daybreak) … hoping for Youtube type link soon but in the meantime here is Andy’s great TEDxBrighton video…

(5 Dec)  I had enjoyed the secrecy leading up to 5 Dec. It felt like being part of an MI6 plot…but without the risky stuff… 

I had been approached by Larry the Cat at No 10. to record a Christmas memory as part of a fab “Xmas To Remember” advent campaign to raise awareness of dementia.

I was “well chuffed” when my audioboo was included on Day 1 of the campaign alongside a handwritten note from David Cameron and photos from Lynda Bellingham whom I admire greatly, having heard her speak passionately about her Mum’s Alzheimer’s.

AND. Very exciting. There was official recognition for our #dementiachallengers hashtag / group name – a huge coup considering that one of the key drivers of the group is to CHALLENGE, flagging up good and bad practice as we see it and pushing hard for positive change.

And some lovely extra “crowdsourced” memories:

This tweet up with Larry the Cat and friends cheered me up quite a lot.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself missing out on a live tweet-up at the Dementia 12 conference. I had some ‘crunchy deadlines’ around getting the new electronic version of Whose Shoes? out for testing. Yes, at some point I have to do the “day job” 🙂

But #dementiachallengers were well represented at Dementia12
Our “primus inter pares” expert Dr Karim Saad and fab family carer Suzy Webster gave inspirational talks, encouraged by many #dementiachallengers who attended and others (including me!) who supported from a distance.

And some good sparks flying at the end … literally!

Now, this week there is a competition for the best social media nurse being played out between two of our own: Sally (@nursemaiden) and @nurse_w_glasses.

And some other really strong contenders too!

Look out for us in 2013. The #dementiachallengers network is growing underpinned by a lot of great Twitter banter – we’ve had biltong, fish recipes, …  brain friendly fish, cheap fish called woof from up north. My Mum and her weekly trips to the fish market. And live jazz music from the talented Edana Minghella…

No , I see what you mean. It’s one of those where you really have to be there…

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives. http://nutshellcomms.co.uk
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