A hot, hot, hot potato… Dementia screening. Coming to a GP surgery near you…

One of the key purposes of this blog is to to give a voice to different perspectives and encourage constructive debate. Hopefully, by flagging things up in an accessible way,  we can help switch the focus a bit from debating to action. Helping people who rely on health and social care to get the support they need a bit S-O-O-N-E-R….
#Dementiachallengers are impatient for positive change.

It is obviously important to come up with the best solutions and for limited resources to be spent in the most effective way.  What do YOU think about a proposal to screen over 75s for dementia as part of their normal GP appointments? Or at least this is how I understand it, but there seems to be some uncertainty about exactly what IS proposed.

This was the debate on Twitter earlier this week, as best as I could capture it within “limited resources” (time!) …

Carrier pigeon??

Yep. That’s us. #dementiachallengers: diplomatic and polite… and impatient.

REALLY looking forward to seeing what our talented young writer, Beth Britton (@Bethyb1886) makes of this one in due course. She certainly had some candid views recently on the proposal to change the name of dementia, triggered by another lively discussion that took place on Twitter.

Beth has written her own post for this series and has LOTS of fantastic, common sense insights into dementia care on her own brilliant D4Dementia blog. Take a look!


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