In the shoes of Gill’s Mum’s…| Good Friday is not so good…

I have been delighted that the guest blogs written by my (now) 91 year old Mum have been amongst the most popular in the series. I have been trying to encourage Mum to write some more. Especially when she is bored. I have tried to explain that a blog can be whatever you want it to be – no rules. “Just write down some random thoughts, Mum, and see what happens.”

She came over yesterday (Easter Sunday) and had duly written some random thoughts which I thought you might enjoy…

Sky IMG_7012aNot going out today, so no bus-stop encounters. Even I can’t think of anything I need and it is Good Friday and the library is closed (also Monday). Bright sun at the moment – not like many recent days – but very cold.

MC900215526It is funny how little things bring back almost forgotten memories. Having tomato soup for lunch made me think back to when I was about six. My mother sometimes took me (on the train and bus of course, we had no car then) to the nearest seaside town (Westcliff) where we always had tomato soup and a sandwich and cake.

Img_7193aThe highlight, for me, and probably less pleasing to my mother, was when I could paddle. Now to me, that didn’t mean walking in the little ripples by the water’s edge. It meant the very first second I could creep along the sea wall as the high water went down, skirt tucked into knickers without getting said knickers wet! It had to be very finely judged and didn’t always come off! The worst thing was to get half way (the point of no return) along the wall when the surge came in – or to meet a boy coming the other way, who had no intention of conceding ground! I loved it! (I had a wonderful mother.)

I had to laugh the other day, reading in the paper that the average time that people watched TV was 4.2 hours. I wish someone would tell me where to find watchable television for that time – without repeats of repeats of repeats! They even put the same programmes on in the afternoon and again the same evening!! I don’t watch much daytime TV, but with the bad weather, have been forced  to. The evening documentary about Pompei and Herculaneum was outstanding (Margaret Mountford) but sometimes harrowing – not to be watched again in a hurry.

I sometimes wonder how people who lived centuries ago would react if they were suddenly dumped down in the present age. Things have changed so rapidly in the last hundred years. Everyone has to have all the labour saving devices now – how would contemporary people cope without them? Visit old ‘stately homes’ to see what the kitchen and washroom etc used to be like!

No doubt the young blades who rode fast horses and drove curricles would take to fast, expensive cars like ducks to water! At least our roads are (somewhat) better – although the current pot-holes are causing a lot of damage and not getting mended! There is one that the little bus fairly bounces over!


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8 Responses to In the shoes of Gill’s Mum’s…| Good Friday is not so good…

  1. Jo Moriarty says:

    Hello Gill’s mum – I really enjoyed reading this. Hope you have had a good Easter even though the library was closed and you couldn’t find much on TV. I just love the vision of Regency blades driving fast cars – I am imagining them in Pride and Prejudice outfits jumping into a souped up car!


  2. I hope you had a great Easter weekend, and enjoy the coming Divine Mercy Sunday. Your blog reminds me of my grandmother; telling me about games she played with her childhood friend from across the “crick”(creek). They tied apples to strings and watched them float on the water, until the stem on her apple broke, then her mother would chide her for playing with the apple instead of eating it. Now days, if you put an Apple in the water, you’ll ruin the circuit board. 😉
    As for TV repeats, don’t get me started; I could write a book of complaints on that! 😉


  3. Great blog Gill’s Mum. Lots of what you say resonates with me – especially the potholes! More please….


  4. Such a refreshing and honest blog to read – thank you for sharing! Brilliant!


  5. Hello Gill’s Mum,
    Your comment about Tomato Soup reminded me that whenever I was ill or following a trip to the dentist -as a child in 1950s- I was fed cream of Tomato Soup. Comfort food. Think I’ll treat myself to some at lunchtime as it’sperishingly cold.


  6. Thank you for all your comments! Lovely to see that people are reading my random thoughts. It is interesting that people are picking up on different aspects – potholes, repeats on TV, Regency ‘blades’ and soup!

    Writing more? Maybe – when the mood takes me 😉

    One or two people have threatened to ‘adopt me’. Flattered… but I doubt if you’d want me if you really knew me… Tempted by person with horses, though… 🙂 (‘Gill’s Mum’)


  7. Deborah says:

    Hello Gill’s Mum, there’s an air of mystery not knowing your name : ) I think that you’re blog is fabulous, please write some more, loved the reference to your wonderful Mum and the memories x


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