In the shoes of… Gill’s Mum | A different bus. A whole new experience ;)

This blog has been ‘pending for a couple of weeks – I’ve had other things on my mind 😉 – but it seems a nice one to post for a leisurely Bank Holiday…

Mum's blog Img_7452I popped over to see Mum (aka @Gills_Mum) the other day and she had a glint in her eye. She handed me a beautifully handwritten manuscript with her latest ‘random thoughts’ . I looked anxiously and was pleased that it just chatted about her day in town and didn’t detail our lively chats about Margaret Thatcher’s life and legacy and other more political issues…. Mum has some pretty strong views about some things. I don’t always share them.

Mum does have a computer and is a good typist. But it is upstairs and not very handy. I have offered to bring it down but apparently this would “mess up the house”. I am working towards an iPad… but as, you will have gathered, my ideas are just that. Independence, choice and control and all that… as Mum loves to remind me 😉Sky - thin strip Img_7678

'"Wait for me" - graphic by New Possibilities Ltd
‘”Wait for me” – graphic by New Possibilities Ltd

I caught the 9 o’clock bus today instead of the 11 o’clock. It was full up and a whole new set of people appeared. Old, of course, but very sprightly and much more talkative! They all seemed to know each other – long term bus-users. They also knew the driver and were exchanging news and views with him. There has been quite a turnover in drivers recently, however, so you don’t get to know them so quickly; I find, and there is less conversation, anyway, on the later buses. Most of them are very nice, there is only one grumpy one that I know. Has to be one, I suppose!

Coffeee IMG_7091aThe coffee shop seemed different, too, at 10:30 for coffee instead of 12:30 for lunch. Much noisier people!! What a difference an hour or two makes.

It was Market Day, when lots of people come in from more countryside areas. Even so, the Market is not as big as it used to be. The Fishman (whose fish are excellent and as reasonably priced as it can be) was remarking how custom has dwindled. (Would this be due to the awful weather or because food has soared in price?). I just hope the market can keep going. One of our butchers closed recently, also a general store. The supermarkets have a lot to answer for.

Daffodils IMG_3871aBack to the bus. There is a fleeting view of some allotments on the way and it has, for so long now, been nothing but huts, poles and other equipment close to the owners’ hearts. Today however, I saw two intrepid figures toiling away. Signs of Spring? Also, my very reluctant daffodils have deigned to grace the garden. Golden glory! Not to be outdone some bright little winter pansies are waggling their heads in the patio tubs – despite having been covered inches deep in snow several times. They look so cheeky, as if to say “you can’t stop us!”

One last ‘random thought’. I took an open bottle of milk out of the fridge and it really made me laugh. It’s cap was on at a jaunty angle and it looked like a Frenchman’s beret. I expected to see a little baguette tucked under its arm!

You need to laugh at something – I’ve just had the gas bill!!


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