“Nothing’s gonna stop us now” #dementiachallengers

So, Dementia Awareness Week is over.

Hmm, we’ll see about that!

It feels a very exciting time as we move into Year 2 of #dementiachallengers, a spontaneous collaboration between passionate people who not only want things to be different for people living with dementia … but are impatient for this to happen very quickly!

Yes, of course, we would dearly love there to be a cure for dementia, but this is not really what we are talking about. While the researchers and clinicians do clever scientific things that hopefully will change the map of the medical treatment or prevention of dementia (how wonderful would that be!), we generally mean simple things that improve quality of life and reduce stigma – now! Not just for our children and grandchildren but now.
For Fred and Doris!

It was interesting to see how #dementiachallengers responded to Dementia Awareness Week.
Some of us who blog a lot about dementia, blogged a little more.
There were daily blogs – my own, Beth Britton, Helen Sanderson, to name but a few.
There was a very powerful new blog by Sally, one of our fab original #dementiachallengers:

New films – including our new Whose Shoes? – Making It Real
film from the recent launch event in partnership with TLAP

And a vlog (a what?) – now keep up, I think it must be a video blog… 😉

Not to mention a brilliant new book coming very soon… !!

AND #dementiachallengers and Whose Shoes? get *BIG* mentions in said book…  I know, I’ve had a sneaky preview!

An award winning paper on holistic, person-centred approaches!

A poster – my first!

A brand new Twitter chat… #AlzChat

Lots of blogging…

Practical tips, resources and sharing good practice:

Lots of re-tweeting of good stuff:

A lot of wisdom from the people who really know:

Mutual support at difficult times:

Amazing networking and recognition… and welcoming new #dementiachallengers

Well OK, including this last tweet was a bit gratuitous.
But I like a bit of cricket and was a proud Mum on Saturday! 🙂

AND even a cake and some singing!

And planning the next steps – with much excitement!

But we didn’t see #talkdementia as anything very different from what we normally do

So all in all, it was business as usual for the #dementiachallengers.
Just another week

Dandelions Img_8097aIndeed, it feels as if so far we have just scattered a few seeds. But there are a LOT more to come!

So, it has been a pretty ordinary week. EXCEPT – and how exciting is this – that we now have an OFFICIAL #dementiachallengers song:

Yes, I can promise you, Larry. #dementiachallengers are here to stay! 🙂

“Nothing’s gonna stop us now”

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives. http://nutshellcomms.co.uk
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