More ‘random thoughts’ from @Gills_Mum ;)

I daren’t tell Mum that she is becoming a bit of a celebrity. I think she would be  quite shocked.

I meet people at conferences and sometimes a tsunami of recognition  (OK a very minor ripple) goes round the room when they realise that I am @whoseshoes. But then the more enlightened ones quickly get a further lightbulb moment. “Ooh”, they say, “so you must tell us more about @Gills_Mum“. Yep, my 91-year old tweeting, blogging Mum is stirring some interest.

Here is Mum’s latest ‘no idea why anyone would want to read it’ contribution.

Mum blog 17-6-13Market day and the 9 o’clock bus for a change. Absolutely full up and interesting as usual. The weather was cold, windy and rainy but the Market still draws them in.

I am always amazed at the stamina of so many older people in the town. There they were, getting around as well as they can, some with walking aids, some with helpful trolleys – the square ones with four wheels that can be leaned on. Very determined ladies and gentlemen! One man summed it up, I think. Answering somebody who was enquiring how he was, this fairly youngish man in a motorised wheelchair said “I’m alright. It’s a case of have to be, isn’t it?”

I feel so lucky because I can still get around with an ordinary pull-along shopping trolley. But I couldn’t do it at all without the BUS (and sometimes, possibly, a bit of mind over matter?).

I do wonder, though, in the case of the “oldies” if it is a lot to do with the way we were brought up and lived years ago; so very different from now. Especially those who were young in war time. Civilians then had a hard time but thought nothing of it. That was life!

Top SecretI watched the tribute on TV to the Dambuster squadron and remember the whole country’s delight and amazement when they pulled off their raid on the 3 dams. What courage and what an aeroplane! I was particularly interested as I worked during the war in the particular Department of the Ministry that developed the “bouncing bomb”! Of course, no one knew much about it then. All TOP SECRET and “need to know”!

We did laugh though, when we heard that an un-named Air Commodore had fallen in the water during the trial! (Hoped it was our boss!)


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3 Responses to More ‘random thoughts’ from @Gills_Mum ;)

  1. Alison Cameron says:

    Best not to tell her. She will start making demands like Mariah Carey and the giant candles. That would never do. It will be “only Duchy Originals shortbread” and a giant Winnebago big enough for riotous tea parties.


  2. begethers says:

    Gills Mum!

    Wartime memories, stocism coming as natural, going about your business with no fuss

    We ‘spoke’ on Twitter the day I was on the tele at BBC TV centre – I enjoyed our ‘chat’ then and love hearing how you are doing now

    Gill is great, I can see where she gets it from



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