The story of #dementiachallengers told in tweets

So, #dementiachallengers. We are ‘official’…

Thank you to the lovely @ClaireOT, who I met up with at the recent #KentDigiCare event, for telling me about Symplur. As you can see Claire, I didn’t waste any time in applying to register my favourite hastag. Click through to the Symplur site and you will see how this works – and now you can meet our #dementiachallengers and keep the hashtag trending in real time!

The timing of this announcement yesterday was perfect as I happen to have just told the ‘history’ of #dementiachallengers in tweets, as you do, linking through to the various blogs that have captured the story as it has unfolded…

This is how it happened…

I have been doing some interviews recently, talking to people about the Whose Shoes? tools, Whose Shoes? concept and use of social media to up the ante and make things happen! I was particularly thrilled with the piece that has just been published by the College of Medicine.

I am also looking forward to the piece that will appear as a result of talking to ‘MG’ from Gèlè tea. Gèlè tea involves a wonderful couture fashion tea party for people living with dementia in London. This interview led to questions about my dementia work. MG wanted to know the origins of our wonderful #dementiachallengers hashtag.

I like answering questions about #dementiachallengers. So, taking a lesson from my pal @nurse_w_glasses’ fab 20 commandments for mental health, I thought I would tell the story in 20 tweets 😉 …
Health warning. The photos that appear here are embedded in the original blogs and come through automatically. They don’t necessarily ‘match’ the particular tweets. So it is all slightly random, but you’ll get the idea…

The above has randomly brought in the lovely underwater photo © Dr Karim Saad, and without the caption,  even though I specified ‘without media’ as it is somewhat out of context.
Does anyone else have problems with WordPress?

So yesterday we received ‘official’ recognition for #dementiachallengers. It is now listed on the ‘official’ list of health and social care hashtags and as such is properly ‘evidenced’ …complete with graphs and charts… which is a sine qua non these days.

Yep, and you guessed it, I had mixed feelings about that as it is deliberately a bit of a ‘fringe’ hashtag 😉 But it just shows the waves we are all making…
Helen Bevan will soon be applying to register #boatrockers too 🙂

So, how about it? How about ALL health and social care staff receiving training in dementia care?

And have you got anything to add to the fantastic website, supporting carers?

Which member of staff does NOT need to know how to communicate with people living with dementia?

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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