It was a hot day… according to the people at the bus stop. In the shoes of… Gill’s Mum :)

Do you remember the recent heatwave – a.k.a. the British Summer? It lasted for a week or so, so was a pretty good summer really. Anyway, @Gills_Mum wrote some ‘Random Thoughts In the Hot Weather.’

I’m afraid that by the time they have gone via the hand-written route and the youngest son typing service, the heat is no longer on, but hopefully you will enjoy.
Have a good weekend, everyone… 😉

hot weatherIt is the considered opinion at the BUS STOP that it is rather hot. Some like it but most don’t. So far the bus seems to be neutral (it keeps going). But the drivers are not. However, they have soldiered on, thank goodness, with the odd cigarette standing outside the bus.

I have noticed that while a lot of men seem to be sensible and are wearing an interesting variety of hats, the majority of women are not. I must admit that I am anti-hat. The slightest breeze and they are away! I need all my concentration for my wilful trolley!!

It really is interesting how many different types of hat are sported. Various straws, panamas and the lovely big-brimmed, white hats they wear at cricket matches. It all makes the baseball cap look even worse than usual, if that is possible – and real hats look so “English”!

I went out on the early bus yesterday and, so it would seem, did everyone else. It was absolutely full up. All going to the Market. The fish-man was doing a roaring trade and the greengrocer was shouting his “Strawberries and Raspberries.” I got mine in Waitrose – much cooler and hardly any more expensive! Special offer!!

Met a few friends on the way and finished up, as usual, in the library. Read different papers, all with their own slant on things.

Private Eye

Private Eye

Stop Press… Royal Baby has arrived. Lovely news. Hearty Congratulations. Hope he likes the heat – probably well air-conditioned!

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