Whose Shoes? – Are you serious about transformation in health and social care?

I promised to tell you a bit more about our Whose Shoes? extravaganza here in Coventry on 2 August. First of all I would like to apologise to anyone who would have liked to come and wondered why they didn’t receive an invitation. The event kind of grew and it was the most random invitation process imaginable. Which, of course, is not to detract at all from the wonderful people who DID come. Boy, you have to be careful when explaining these things… 😉

I had been very honoured to meet with Helen Bevan at the NHS Improving Quality Centre.

Helen ‘gets’ Whose Shoes? (which is exciting in itself) and we chatted about how I have developed the tool and what I’d like to do next.
Fast Forward >> I thought I’d like to get a small group together to explore the new electronic tool – Whose Shoes?® – Making It Real and brainstorm some ideas about how it could best be used specifically in a range of different settings (health, care, education etc) and with different audiences.

So the plan was I’d get a few people together at NHS IQ. I wanted a mix of people – existing customers who knew the original ‘board version’ through to people who had never heard of it. But first and foremost, I wanted creative people with a passion for personalisation and making it real – and ideally some ‘Making It Real’ input, i.e. around the actual Think Local, Act Personal process, to which the tool is now aligned.

So I met some people down in Brighton – and invited them. And a couple more at #KentDigiCare. And then there were individuals at the top of my Twitter ‘stalking list’ (those  I have not met in person yet) whom it seemed a good opportunity to invite. And an old friend who works at the Alzheimers Society, who hadn’t been in touch for ages, happened to email me at the ‘right’ time… and so it went on. And I told Helen Bevan. And she thought it sounded exciting but was going to be away on holiday. So she invited some of her people… 😉

At one point it looked as though we were going to have to use the main conference room. The venue was important as we needed a friendly, creative environment. Inevitably, summer holidays kept things in check a bit and we breathed in again and fitted into the smaller room. Ideal.

I hope there will be many more opportunities for people to get involved. I hope this blogpost and others in the series, demonstrate that Whose Shoes? can bring people together and get them talking about things that matter. It cuts across organisational and hierarchical barriers and can fill rooms with people who just want to make a difference … and mix in others who perhaps need to 😉 

I will tell the rest of the story in tweets to try to share some of the buzz (and I promise you, it is only a selection of the tweets, there were so many!) … and hopefully entice a few more of you (like Dorothy Hall and Ann Saxon!) onto Twitter 🙂

The build-up. Gathering pace…

We had an all-day ice breaker

We open our minds to different types of learning

We used the board version to tell the story so far…

Then James, Ann , Suzy & Dorothy talked about their experiences of using Whose Shoes? in very different settings. (Videos will be available of these talks)
Some of these and other stories are available as case studies or customer testimonials on our website

James Lampert, Commissioner, talked about use of Whose Shoes? by Kent County Council and Canterbury Christchurch University

Ann Saxon, Head of Workforce development, School of Health and Wellbeing, University of Wolverhampton talked about our integration project spanning 4 PCTS and 4 councils in the Midlands
Here is a photobook of the project

Suzy Webster told us how as a carer, caring for her Mum who lives with dementia, she participated in a Whose Shoes? session with senior medics in Wales and helped shape their dementia pathway to be more person-centred and dementia-friendly


Dorothy Hall, an independent, semi-retired social worker, described Whose Shoes? as “the best facilitation tool I have seen in my entire career”

We remembered absent friends… 😉


Clenton Farquharson and Shahana Ramsden talk about our Whose Shoes? / TLAP – Making It Real partnership


We sparked some new interest externally – and indeed abroad…

And shared some good practice externally

We explored the new features of the electronic tool 


What are the barriers to “making it real”?

The messages spark conversations, sharing good practice from elsewhere:

We had worked hard. it was time to stop for lunch and a Whose Shoes? cake

After lunch, we held a World Café and wrote loads of ideas on tablecloths – there are so many, they are still being collated!

We did some amazing networking – not just for the day. These people are now properly in touch and collaborating for positive change 🙂

There was enormous energy and some great outcomes!


And the buzz continued long after the event. In fact we are all still buzzing!

Spreading the word and next steps…


And crowd-sourcing a few good snippets for another important meeting – this time NHS England in London:


And we had had such a passion-filled day in Coventry that I forgot to tell them that, yes, licences for the tool can be purchased! here

Whose Shoes? is a values-based, co-production tool. It helps you work out where you are now, where you want to be. It helps you work with others to navigate the path.

Are you serious about Making It Real?

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives. http://nutshellcomms.co.uk
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2 Responses to Whose Shoes? – Are you serious about transformation in health and social care?

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  2. The feedback from the World Café session was really useful. Thank you so much to everyone for your tremendous energy and practical ideas which have now been collated and are available. Hoping that in true co-productive Whose Shoes? style, the ‘early adopters’ will push the boundaries, try new things and come up with further ideas that we can all share!

    No-one has the monopoly of wisdom here; everyone has insights as to what will work best in different situations and with different audiences! This is how the board version ‘Notes for Facilitators’ improved through crowd-sourcing and creativity. And are still growing… 🙂


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