Poem: Young Onset Dementia – Making It Real

I felt a special connection with Kate
What it was is hard to define.
Her words, her thoughts, her feelings.
I have followed them closely on-line.

Kate blogs about living with dementia
It’s powerful. It’s honest. It’s real.
We can learn just so much from professionals
But they can’t tell us how people feel.

Swan Img_5215aKate’s wonderful humour’s uplifting
As she shares the good times and bad;
When she tells us she’s paddling harder
The reminder is touching and sad.

Compassion, empathy, understanding
Are important words that we use
But at the end of the day we realise
Only Kate can walk in Kate’s shoes.

So for anyone studying Dementia
When revision’s becoming a slog
Sit down with your favourite coffee.
Learn more by reading Kate’s blog.

This poem was written as my friend Kate flew back to Australia on 17 August 2013.
My previous blogpost describes our wonderful meeting in London during her brief visit to England.

By Gill Phillips.  All rights reserved. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd, 2013.

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives. http://nutshellcomms.co.uk
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4 Responses to Poem: Young Onset Dementia – Making It Real

  1. Kate Swaffer says:

    So grateful for your beautiful poem, love and friendship… and the image of the swan. Makes me wish I was living in the UK, regardless of your weather!! xo


  2. Beryl says:

    A lovely poem Gill and very true x


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