In the shoes of Gill’s Mum’s… as she turns detective!

The random thoughts (as she calls them) or more accurately sharp observations of my 91-year old Mum (a.k.a @Gills_Mum) continue to be very popular. Hopefully this latest piece will raise a weekend smile … 

Had quite an adventure this morning. Returned from shopping yesterday to find a large bag of very nice driveway stones dumped in front of my garage door. Not very considerate, as it would have been impossible to get a car out. I had no idea whose they were or who had delivered them – nothing on the bag to say. It must have been dropped by a crane. Asked neighbours but nobody claimed them. Then my next door neighbour very kindly offered to help. So we set off.

It is useless trying to phone the local Builders Supply Merchant – they never answer!! So we went along to ask if they had supplied the huge bag. They hadn’t! Next step: I thought it might be for a house with the same number in the next road, which is actually a continuation of mine but, for some reason, changes it’s name. We investigated and found big, impressive double gates (closed) guarding a house with a driveway of these stones. After considerable difficulty, pressing buttons and explaining to a not very helpful voice, the gates opened. It seemed that the bag had been delivered, by accident, to me and everyone was running round the roads, trying to find them! Hopefully they will now be picked up with no further trouble. STOP PRESS – they were!

Newsies at Skeeter's Branch from Wikipedia

Newsies at Skeeter’s Branch from Wikipedia

To continue the saga of the milk bottles. It would seem that they all want to get in on the act. I found a bottle in the fridge with, quite definitely, a Highland Bonnet – should I supply it with a kilt? Not to be outdone, the English bottle turned up with a London, East End, costermonger’s flat cap! What next a welsh one? I shall have to put a stop to this – I’m not having leeks in the fridge! Or is that against Milk Bottle Rights? Non – P.C.

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