The (highly symbolic!) #sparklytree…

The #whoseshoes #sparklytree has become a bit of a ritual on Twitter. For the last couple of years I have had a “daily award” and sent some of my special people a coveted advent #sparkly tree which brightens their desktop during the festive period. As the recession deepened some people became very frugal…

Caveat emptor. There are competing claims about #sparklytree quality…

Excitement as the tension builds…

Interest in high places…

Nominations and special requests…

Practical difficulties –  Aussie customs!

(Yes, people expected the #sparklytree distribution to continue even though Kate Swaffer (@kateswaffer) and I were undertaking a very serious programme of 20 meetings and workshops in Australia!)


And so, struggling under the weight of sparkly conifers,
the distribution programme began in earnest

THANK YOU Andrew Coulson for all your fab support of Whose Shoes? - especially setting up Pinterest boards and two amazing workshops in Adelaide!! Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2014! xx

THANK YOU Andrew Coulson for all your fab support of Whose Shoes? – especially setting up Pinterest boards and two amazing workshops in Adelaide!! Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2014! xx

Not sure where Days 7 & 8 disappeared to in the #Twittersphere. I know one went to our big pal Shibley (@legalaware) and I think one was destined for Saffy in Melbourne (@saffyishere) but might have got “lost in the post” due to her irrepressible taunting about our Ashes performances!! 😉

And then a VERY serious thank you on Day 9:

And then we lost the plot a bit. The logistics of remembering a daily #sparklytree award got too tricky and Kate’s daily blogging routine also fell into disarray for a while.

We were so busy running Whose Shoes? workshops in three States of Australia … which isn’t such a bad excuse really!

The elves started to get confused about time zones and to immerse themselves in sherry and mince pies…

So if you did not receive a sparkly tree this year and were hoping to do so, apologies and I’ll try to do better next year but it is all just a bit of fun really.

The people who work tirelessly to make a difference to people know who you are.

I thank you sincerely for all your support of my Whose Shoes? work in 2013 and we will carry on to bigger and better outcomes in 2014! 🙂

So instead of sending people a #sparklytree, Kate and I started taking photos of sparkly trees – and had a lot of fun

Having at first chided me somewhat for taking photos of sparkly trees at every turn, Kate soon got into the swing. In fact she worried me a bit when she suddenly knocked on the door of a hospital office with a particularly nice sparkly tree, saying she “needed” to take a photo.

Always on the hunt to get fab people to join Twitter, we shamelessly used #sparklytree bribes as we toured Australia and had meetings with wonderful people at leading hospitals, dementia training centres and universities.

And the serious side that sits behind it. Trying to make a difference for people living with dementia and their carers.

And wonderful when, through these conversations, we connect leading academics in Australia with our fab dementia carers in England. Just through a bit of #sparklytree Twitter banter.

Happy Christmas to all our fab #dementiachallengers. And what a BRILLIANT idea of Lee (@dragonmisery) to hold a virtual #dementiachallengers party on Facebook. Take a look at the fab venue and catering we booked. All free of charge.

I’ve said it before – “Nothing’s gonna stop us now”.
2014: a year of BIG change, putting people in the centre and getting the ‘services’ to fit around them (not the other way round!) to enable everyone to have the best possible quality of life.

Never too old - bannistersLooking forward to spending Christmas with my family now. Sending lots of love to our youngest son Alex, who is out in Australia as an ‘overseas’ cricketer, and will have Christmas earlier than us – and to his ‘hosts’ for Christmas, our very good friends Dan and Lesley in Sydney whom we stayed with ourselves this time last year!

I’m particularly looking forward to spending time with my lovely Mum (@Gills_Mum). Watch this space. Mum is going to have an iPad (surprise!) … and no doubt will write a blog or two to tell you what she thinks about the idea!

P.S    And the final #sparklytree (s) of the year?

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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