‘Patient Voices: digital stories – a whole new world!

I was very honoured to be invited to spend a weekend with the wonderful Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner from ‘Patient Voices’. Making digital stories. Making friends.

I couldn’t wait to tell my Mum a.k.a @Gills_Mum all about it. She loves stories and is really really fascinated by the many tales I have to tell her. It is lovely to have new conversations. I love to see the sparkle in her eye, triggering her own memories, formed over 92 years. Who knows – perhaps we will make a digital story with Mum?

Digital stories?

  • Something compelling to connect with the viewer
  • Some context – what is this story about?
  • A crisis of some sort probably – or at least a deep concern, a powerful change… the reason for not just wanting but needing to tell this story
  • And the close

4 Cs. As always, very popular in health care. Where would we be without the letter C? 😉

My head was in overdrive. Mine is becoming quite a big story. What to choose for a three minute video?

As always for me, Twitter comes to the rescue and puts things in perspective.

Already we were thinking about how to share and build on the stories. Stories not yet written. This is the Twitter energy I love!

There was a very strong link to the wonderful Patient Memoirs event I had attended in Cumbria the week before.

“Patient Stories are the most powerful knowledge base we medics have ignored for very long”

At the end of Day One, our stories were taking shape. We deserved to relax…

But then again…

On Day 2, we were all so busy that we didn’t find time to tweet!

Except for Pip, to chivvy us a long a bit!

My head is bursting with ideas… More digital stories. Sharing what is possible and often very simple. Connecting people.

Ken has pledged to spread the word that a diagnosis of dementia is not an immediate mental death sentence and that the 15 minutes after receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimers are life-changing.

The two films (yes two) Ken made over the course of the weekend will be a wonderful contribution to fulfilling his pledge.

Already Ken is getting opportunities to share the message wider:

One of the things I enjoyed most was seeing all the stories taking shape and growing. From our initial ideas, we worked as a group helping each other. Critical friends. Sometimes it was a case of tip-toeing around when someone was deep in concentration, or making a cup of tea. Sometimes it was a more proactive assistance – listening to a draft audio or helping with editing, pruning – less is more.

I feel very honoured to have seen Helen Bevan’s stories take shape. The stories she will show next week to 2000 people at the 19th Annual International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Paris. And I will be in the audience, gleaning any last minute tips for my own presentation! – would be wonderful if you could tweet some support 2.15-3.15pm Friday, 11th April 😉

One wonderfully emotive picture of Helen as an inquisitive little girl was so illuminating – the expression – quirky, already a thinker and a maverick – forming such a natural journey to Helen’s role now as a global health and care innovator.

IMG_9297I love the fact that a photo I took when Helen and Pip were deeply engaged in working together has been included in the final credits. A lovely and very fitting tribute to Pip and Tony and the difference they are making by offering people this exciting medium. Introducing us to a whole new world of possibilities in terms of capturing our unique stories and contributions.

A gathering of equals and friends.
Such different lives and occupations, but all wanting the same things in terms of quality of life and inclusiveness.
Living and learning together.
And learning the most from myth-buster, Ken. Ken recently wrote about his ’12 coping strategies for living well with dementia’ – one of the most popular ‘in my shoes’ stories.

So now, I expect you want to see our stories?
They are being honed and polished. Polished and honed. Postponed?
But hopefully we can share some of them very soon 😉

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Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives. http://nutshellcomms.co.uk
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