Co-producing inclusive, vibrant #dementiachallengers events in Scotland

Well the invisible hordes are coming out of the shadows and becoming real people… very supportive, creative passionate people. And they are bringing their own ‘invisible hordes’ in their wake…

I would like to include here a lovely film made by Helen Bevan about how she sees the future of health and social care as we all find ways of coming together for transformational change. I like to think that the ‘Scotland story’ in this blog and other recent developments in the energy and connections being made around Whose Shoes? are a living example of the kind of 21st century connectivity Helen talks about. I enjoyed a lovely weekend with Helen and some other inspirational people making the original film and it is great to see how seeking feedback from ‘critical friends’ has helped Helen turn it into this powerful and somewhat magical vision:

I am learning to go with the flow. To find the energy, local energy – because there are so many great people out there who just want to make things happen for their own communities, people they care about.

Take Scotland as an example

I am really looking forward to presenting at the European Alzheimer’s conference in Glasgow.

The conference is Monday-Wednesday 20-22 October so it occurred to me that we could perhaps run a couple of Whose Shoes? workshops in Scotland on the Thursday and Friday. I have some existing great links in Glasgow and Dundee so they were tentatively suggested … and Twitter has taken over and filled in the gaps.

Before I could bat an eyelid, we had somehow co-produced a flyer for a generic event in Glasgow. And there has been fantastic interest. Huge thanks to the proactive approach taken by fab Yvonne and Anne-Marie at Dementia Scotland Co.

Similarly, we have crowd-sourced some key themes…

And it looks as though I have hooked up with just the right people. Making dementia training  fun.
Fun? – yes because that is how people engage, remember and are fired up to DO something.

And Scotland just seem to run with things!

The Dundee event has been an amazing example of Twitter at its best.

My friends in Dundee have been promising to invite me for some time so this was the perfect opportunity. There has been some truly wonderful energy!

We want to make the events diverse and inclusive

I don’t know who Rob is … and it doesn’t matter. The ‘invisible hordes’ are at work…
And the momentum builds as fab passionate people with shared values come together for transformational change

TOWICC!!? TOWICC!!? … Is this some strange Scottish ritual?

My mind goes wild trying to guess what it stands for, like a mad Christmas game of ‘Absolute Balderdash’. But the truth is that I don’t really need to know; I just need to let these amazing people think through their local issues and networks and work with them to see how best my Whose Shoes? approach can help them achieve the outcomes.

This interplay on Twitter is like a mini Whose Shoes? session 

… AHPs talking to a consultant surgeon, mixing in a carer or two, some innovative providers – people just talking as people, irrespective of formal roles…

And slowly they are bringing more people in – tapping their own networks and knowing where the local demand will be… policy people, medical students…

And Maureen set to work doing wonderfully clever stuff with my thistle! So to speak…

So now we have an ’emblem’. So far so good…

Well, the conversations were very productive indeed. Mainly behind the scenes in lovely proactive Dundee…

And then Ang and Stephen Thompson at Dundee United Football Club come up with the most amazing offer – a venue for the event!

I am delighted that the event will be held in such a wonderful “social” setting rather than a medical centre as this supports all the key messages we are trying to convey about living well with dementia, maximising the assets of local communities.

I can’t wait to meet the wonderful people of Dundee including a singing group and a football reminiscence group – bringing stories alive!

So I am very excited about the forthcoming ‘Whose Shoes? tour’ of Scotland. I am excited about introducing my fellow ‘Southerners’ Ken Howard and Dorothy Hall.

I am excited about meeting everyone and making a difference through our collaborative events.

Not to mention the inevitable tweetups … 😉

So the flights are booked. The potatoes are boiling…

Yes, it is all coming together nicely.
Except a pair of suitable tartan shorts for Ken.

 Tartan shorts for Ken. Can anyone help? 😉

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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