Sharing global social media stories – in Puerto Rico and Australia!

Today / tonight / yesterday Helen Bevan and Mary Freer give a talk on using social media for transformational change. The talk is at the #APACForum in Melbourne and who knows exactly when it is, it is all so confusing with the different global clocks! The more important thing is that this will be a significant session in terms of the global lessons that these two talented change leaders will share … and I am honoured to know them both!

Helen @HelenBevan is Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Horizons Group at NHS, Improving Quality and Mary @FreerMary is a maverick change agent in Australia … so just the sort of alliance I find fascinating and rewarding.

Img_6418 with Mary FreerI met Mary Freer@FreerMary when she attended one of the Whose Shoes? workshops Kate Swaffer and I ran in Adelaide

… and we even had a very nice lunch in a local restaurant 😉

Kate and I gave out Mary’s postcards promoting Change Day Australia – and my (spot the koalas) picture is even included in Mary’s new crowd-sourcing video for Change Day Australia, 2015:

So hearing that Mary and Helen were doing this important talk made me think back to the wonderful invitation Kate Swaffer and I got to present our own social media story at the Opening Reception of the World Alzheimer’s conference in Puerto Rico in May.

I shared some of the story via tweets at the time

But I also took lots of photos and videos that I have not previously published.

A group of us have been experimenting with different social media formats for story telling…

I wanted to try something new and chose Storehouse as it claimed to be easy to upload up to 50 photos and videos – but I couldn’t make the videos work so have included a couple here via WordPress!

I particularly wanted you to experience the vibrant almost haunting music played by the band of students from the local Puerto Rico University at the Opening Ceremony:

And secondly, here are two short videos showing the beginning of our talk…

.. and end of our talk (we didn’t get the middle!)

– but other than that, the story is here on Storehouse. Please click the link!

VERDICT: Storehouse was very intuitive and it was good fun building it on my iPad, importing photos and switching them round to build the story – but not being able to include the videos was a pain!

Please take a look at the story on Storehouse and let me know what you think! 🙂

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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