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Keep calm...Thank you to all our Twitter friends for the lovely supportive messages we have received over the last four months while Mum has been staying with us, following an accident in which she sustained a fracture to her lower back. It has had a big effect on her mobility and has been a shock to all of us, wondering what to do for the best. Anyway, things have moved on and we have sold Mum’s house and are looking forward to a new chapter in her life. Her resilience amazes me – she is a product of the original ‘Keep calm and carry on’ generation, with many lessons for younger people, I think.

We have inevitably been sorting out all Mum’s stuff, ready for the ‘downsize’. I have included at the end of the blog some of my tweets as I went about the final stages of this painful process…

Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime. I have had to sell my lovely old house and shall be an inmate – sorry, a resident – in an assisted flat!

It is a really nice flat which I now own with all you could wish for. The other residents are very nice and friendly. There is a lovely general lounge and dining room, where they provide lunches and teas at extremely reasonable prices, if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.

I just didn’t want to move. I had my own little routine where I went out on the bus (the little friendly bus!) in the morning, visited the library, had coffee and talked to people in my favourite café and did some shopping.  I suppose I shall still be able to do this but I shall really miss the little bus.

The reason for all this change is that I had an accident and can’t stay in my own house any more, without help, and these new flats, just built, seem to be the answer. They are right in the centre of town, near all the places I want and I also have a friend who recently moved in!

Getting moved, however, is a nightmare! There is so much to do and so many people who have to be told. In fact, it is a double nightmare! So many people to be told AND I don’t do things online! I am old-fashioned, as many people are at my age. I know very few people with computers or mobiles. At least I have a mobile!

Changing from a fairly big house to a small flat is awful – you just have to be absolutely ruthless and throw away things you would really like to keep. My family are wonderful, helping me enormously but in the end I have to decide. I’m sure there will be things I regret but it has all happened so suddenly. I haven’t had time to think. And I don’t like making decisions anyway!

Some of Mum's shoes...

Some of Mum’s shoes…

The latest in decisions is quite funny really. I was looking at all the lovely shoes I used to wear before I was reduced to basic Hotter, wider fit! Pretty shoes and sandals with quite high heels and all mostly new! I hope they can be of use to someone and will be enjoyed!

Now lots of things are being delivered here to take with me. Things to make life as easy as possible in my new home. There is a walking frame with four wheels to make walking easier and to hold a hand bag, carry books etc. Very useful and not likely to trip people up as the three wheelers could. Also a frame for the toilet to make that easier too, and a stool to sit in the shower. All these things have been recommended by Laura, the daughter of one of Gill’s friends, whose job it is to recommend them and to order them for delivery. She knows her stuff!

While I was looking in my old sideboard to see what to get rid off, I came across lots of things I had forgotten about. There was an old cribbage board made by a ship’s carpenter, which my father played on with me. Various glasses, swizzle stick for cocktails and a cocktail set that we hadn’t used for ages. And a very useful bottle opener. Sounds very alcoholic, my sideboard. That is what sideboards are for!!

My father used to bring home wine from South Africa and other places in big stone kegs. He was a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy. I remember one was Madeira – “A glass of Madeira, my dear!”, regardless of the time of day. Very popular with our neighbours at the time. Life was so much simpler then, I suppose.

Please post comments to encourage Mum as she makes this big step today into the unknown…


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10 Responses to In the shoes of… | Gill’s Mum. Keep Calm and Carry On.

  1. alex says:

    Such lovely, rich and moving memories.
    Happy new home Gill’s mum 🙂 x


  2. It’s important to stop and think about the impact our parents have on us. The only blessing, if I can call it that, of Mum’s dementia is being able to repay some of what she gave me in my early years. One tweet above which really rang true for me is the one about making our parents proud. There’s nothing quite like that feeling. You’re doing it every day Gill.


  3. pippakelly12 says:

    What a wonderful post Gill and Gill’s mum. Tomorrow is the future, but thank you very much for giving us a glimpse into many of your yesterdays. They had my bottom lip quivering and I haven’t even met GM, but I related to so much of what you said – always a sign of the very best writing. Good luck you two! xx


  4. Maureen Grove says:

    Lovely blog, full of warmth and emotions. Very best wishes @Gills_Mum for an exciting new phase about to begin. Hope you are taking the crib board, although I suspect the Madeira is long gone…….. 😉 xxx


  5. Very best of luck Gill’s mum – thinking of you as you settle into your new home. Wishing you lots of happy times there xx


  6. Good luck! Sure it won’t be needed though. Hope your new home is as colourful and as exciting as your blogposts!


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