In my own (beach) shoes… at the Dementia Congress, Brighton

“The UK Dementia Congress is the largest annual multi‐disciplinary dementia‐focused event and exhibition in the UK”

The largest event is a quantitative measure. But for many of us the Dementia Congress is also a wonderful gathering of friends and new friends – people coming together fired by a common purpose. It was lovely to see so many #dementiachallengers gathered together, many of us getting the opportunity to present at the 2-and-a-bit day event.

We were looking forward to our Early Bird Pecha Kucha presentation to kick off the main conference.

We started with an important debate.

You can link to Andrea Sutcliffe’s’s own blog about it here.

I am hoping to bring an important perspective to this. My 92 year old Mum (a.k.a @Gills_Mum) who has just moved into an Assisted Living Facility, has been chatting about the issue of poor care and the role of the media with her fellow residents. It would be very interesting to know their take on things.

This time last week I published a very hard-hitting and important  guest blog by Hilary Marmot. It has struck chords with many people and is very relevant to this debate, finding the precarious line between process and external regulation and trusting people to exercise reasonable common sense. Battling for person-centred, joined up care.

So this week I am taking the opportunity to lighten things up and put together a visual story, reflecting on my personal highlights.

I was very sad that my friend Ken Howard was unable to come to Brighton and I had promised to tell him all about it. Ken, who is living with younger onset dementia, struggles with reading and writing so I found a different medium to share the story and pick out a few bits that I thought Ken would particularly enjoy.

It is built in an App called ‘Steller’ and allows you to flip through pages of visuals. I must ask the Steller people how to find the html code to embed it properly.

In the meantime please click on the link under the picture to open the story book. Then click on the > on the right of the book to turn the pages (a bit like a Kindle).

Dementia Congress Stellar - cover

I was delighted when Ken gave it the seal of approval
so I hope you enjoy it too.

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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6 Responses to In my own (beach) shoes… at the Dementia Congress, Brighton

  1. Angie Carter says:

    Loved you Stellar story Gill – what a great media that is. Still rolling around at the picture from Ian’s book – look out for me in the coming years- I’ll be the next gangster granny!!


  2. Wendy Brewin says:

    Love your visual diary of the UK Dementia Congress Gill! have just flicked through it and re-lived all my own memories of being there! A very innovative, creative and enjoyable way to help other people share your experience. 🙂 x


    • Thanks Wendy. Hoping to do more in this format and find a way to embed it properly in the blog but people seem to be accessing it OK, which is the main thing! Hope all going well at ‘Creative Spaces In the Community’ – great concept (and plenty of seagulls in Cornwall !) 🙂


  3. Anna Geyer says:

    loved this summary Gill, the Steller story is great! Looks like the congress was a very inspiring place to be this year, thanks for sharing it in such an engaging way 🙂


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