In the shoes of… | Gill’s Mum. Reluctantly accepting a bit of ‘assistance’…

My friends will know that we have had a difficult few months – Mum (a.k.a @Gills_Mum) fell and fractured a bone in her lower back and came to live with us while she recovered (or at least got a lot better) and we all scratched our heads and wondered what to do. We wrote a story about the house move. Mum has also done quite a bit of writing to keep herself occupied – mainly reminiscences from the war and other stories – which she may or may not wish to publish at some point.

Mum  has no idea how many people have been asking after her, but she has enjoyed the sporadic exchange of greetings and virtual flowers on Twitter.

Anyway, Mum needed things to “settle” before wanting to write about how she was getting on in her new circumstances – so I am absolutely thrilled that the “settling” seems to be happening…

I am told that somebody has asked where I have got to. Thank you for that. I will give you an update.

Well, here I am, as predicted, freedom gone! I shouldn’t grumble because it is very nice here. A very nice flat (called an Apartment!) on the ground floor so that I can watch all the comings and goings of cars and people, and everything here is first class in every way. This is an Assisted Living place, not a Care Home. Care Homes take you over and do everything. Assisted Living help you if you want it.

There is an excellent dining room where very good meals are provided (always a choice) at an extremely reasonable price. Well appointed tables and happy, cheerful staff serving. These girls also help out in the flat if wanted. Nice interesting people (Home Owners) to talk to and a lot of things to do in the evenings, organised by the residents.

We have a Scrabble Night, a film once a week and a Quiz Night once a month. Interesting questions that most people can answer, but I had to laugh when I knew one that nobody else did. In my misspent youth I went to the cinema frequently and had a schoolgirl crush on Gary Cooper (who is he you are asking!) so I could identify his picture. Amazing how useful information turns up years later!

Well that’s it! What more could I want? Well I’m awkward. I want to be back in my own house and catching the little bus every day into town. Of course that can’t happen. The house is sold and I am here.

So what now?     Get on with it!

If you enjoyed Mum’s blog, please ‘like’ it or better still post a comment. I’m keen to encourage her to write more blogs and show her how on-line communities add richness to lives.


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7 Responses to In the shoes of… | Gill’s Mum. Reluctantly accepting a bit of ‘assistance’…

  1. pippakelly12 says:

    How absolutely lovely to hear from you again Gill’s mum. You will forever be Gill’s mum to me (& to Gill, no doubt). I have a rellie who I always refer to as “my cousin’s daughter” as I can never work out what that makes her in relation to me (may be a cousin once removed or something ..) Anyway, I am sure that the restrictions in your new home must be very frustrating but how very satisfying to identify Gary Cooper. I remember him! I thought your definition of care home re assisted living was neat and pithy. Do you have a nice garden where you are? And can I be very rude indeed and ask how old you are as I was describing you to someone the other day and wasn’t quite sure. Are you the wrong side of 60, or 70? Or possibly even a tad more? Your IT skills are simply extraordinary and far outweigh mine. Yesterday I managed to tweet a blog 10 times to the same person. Not the way to win friends OR influence people, I fear.
    All the best
    PS I would add emoticons and bunches of virtual flowers if I could. But I can’t 😦 *hopeless*


    • Thanks Pippa. Mum will enjoy this and will no doubt reply herself, although she is pretty busy these days!
      Mum needs a bit of assistance on the I.T. front but it is confidence more than anything – she sits there happily with her iPad (or Kindle) but is frightened of ‘breaking it’ and unsure what to do when it shoots to another screen etc. The trusty paper, pen, newspaper and book are the mainstays! X

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  2. quicklearn says:

    Thanks for a great story. I am so pleased you are enjoying this next stage in your life and hope you continue to share your musings with us for a long time yet. I have so much to learn from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Always enjoy reading your blogs Gill’s mum – keep up your writing. Glad you have settled into your new home. If you have some time, you may like to read a little interview I did with my 75-year-old mum – Take care, all the best, Beth x

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