Meetings – and how to add a little magic

In my old life as a local government officer, I attended many meetings. I am not a big fan of meetings. I used to sit and count up in my head the approximate cost of the meetings in terms of salary and try to come up with a value for money formula, rewarding notional money for the points raised and in particular the action that was likely to follow. It was quite a complicated calculation and it kept me somewhat amused if not exactly what you might call ‘engaged’.

Sometimes the meetings were one-to-one. One would be asked at one’s one-to-one meeting what one had achieved since one’s last one-to-one meeting. Some of the things that one was asked were well-nigh impossible, such as reporting on outcomes before anyone really understood what they meant by outcomes. Certainly there was a problem around the fact that outcomes were something that needed to be planned ahead and not just dreamed up for performance data!

I worked with a fabulous team. We had a lot of fun, including a really tacky Secret Santa thing every Christmas whereby we were bought something that reflected our personality. I had some very quirky presents but one in particular served me very well.

So it was at a one-to-one meeting with a very senior manager, when I was asked whether I had achieved some particularly impossible tasks, I produced my new Christmas present. I placed it on the table without saying a word. It seemed much less tiring than babbling a lot of excuses.

The guy looked a bit shocked so I thought I had better explain. “I got it for Christmas. But it doesn’t work.”

We proceeded to have the most constructive meeting we had ever had. 😉

And this was long before I heard about the fabulous School for Health and Care Radicals… 😉

What is your magic wand?

Take a look at the amazing magic wand that Jenny Clarke @JennytheM found to promote #SkintoSkin as something that every mother and baby should experience!

Are you following – or better still joining – #MatExp on Twitter?

Jenny and I have teamed up for a #MatExp #NHSChangeDay event this Wednesday, 11 February … watch this space 🙂 We will miss you Flo @fwmaternitykhft!

Gill Flo and Jenny

Gill Phillips, Florence Wilcock and Jenny Clarke


About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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3 Responses to Meetings – and how to add a little magic

  1. jennythem says:

    Gill “magic meetings – Hubble bubble not toil but double fun” – thank you for helping me and others to understand that a lighter hearted look at life is a better way of approaching agendas – happy teams will always work more productively and happy teams have more zany radical thoughts – I’m waving my wand over #MatExp so that sprinkles of positivity are spread across twitter and ideas are generated with pzazz 💫💥💫🌟✨💥💢🔥


    • What a great comment Jenny! So thrilled we have linked up and can hopefully work a bit of magic together with our amazing #MatExp team. We definitely get better ideas and are more energised when we are relaxed and able to work together creatively! xx


  2. alimaywaters says:

    I love that approach, I was given a crystal ball once maybe I should bring that along with me if I ever have to have one of those wing it and babble one to one’s !!


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