Health and care conference goers – a call for action! #NCASc15 #KFintegratedcare

Today the good and the great from the world of social care gather in Bournemouth for the first day of the three day annual Children and Adult Services conference. Meanwhile the King’s Fund Integrated care conference was held yesterday in London.

Perhaps they should all meet up 😉

Yesterday I posted a blog that included a video poem about ‘prevention’ – a popular word in these circles … which I interpreted as preventing people falling through the gap between health and care services. It included a ‘call to action’ for conference goers.

It struck a chord as a lot of people recognised the battles far too many people face when they (we!) try to find out about any available support. There were lots of RTs and comments on Twitter but a lot of people didn’t manage to see the video. After all, it is difficult to watch videos when you are at a conference.

So now you have no excuse. Here is the poem:

Mind the Gap!

Policy wonks talk a lot about prevention
In health and social care.
But there is an underlying tension
That nobody seems to mention
Exactly what we are preventing and for whom.
The elephant in the room.

Not just data and stats and other ‘this and thats’
But enabling people to thrive.
To live their lives.
And not be prevented.

We have ‘Continuing Health Care’
Although I don’t know how they dare
Bare-faced to use this phrase. Unfazed.
As they battle for who is going to pay
With impeccable manners.
After you. No, after you. No, you go first. Pray.
Hell bent on preventing
The price tag coming their way.

Continuing Health Care
Implies something so good
All the things we would and should
Expect in old age.

But when we get towards the end of our days
(If we are lucky enough not to pop our clogs
Or otherwise kick the bucket in unforeseen ways)
Life turns the page
And inevitably, eventually we become
Vulnerable.     Yes, me and you.
Dependent on others
As we once were on our mothers.
Scared. And unprepared.

So falls prevention?
The fall I would like to prevent
Is falling through the gap
In services.

So to the leaders going to this conference,
I take you to task
And I ask
What are YOU doing
To join things up?

I’ll call your bluff.
Real action.  Words are no longer enough.

© Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes.

About Gill Phillips - Whose Shoes?

Passionate about personalisation in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? - an imaginative approach to helping people work together to improve lives.
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