In the shoes of Gill’s Mum… | Enjoying escaping for Christmas… ;-)

Very special GrannyLots of people have missed updates from ‘Gills Mum’ and asked how she is getting on – especially since her dramatic escape from hospital – #FreeGillsMum.  Mum is really happy living ‘HERE’ (her name – happily now a term of endearment – for her Assisted Living accommodation). For much of the time she has been a bit too busy for blogging – a nice problem to have when you are 93 and time can stretch out in front of you like staring out to sea.

Similarly, I have neglected the blog, dallying with #Steller instead. Did you see our #MatExpAdvent storiesFlo and I posted one a day – one mile short of the full marathon – and achieving up to 30,000 views for a single story, something even Mum’s blogs fail to achieve 😉

But I have to confess. Mum has written some blogs … but then I have been too busy to post them so they have piled up in her red folder.

3 lemonsWell, over Christmas all the lemons have aligned:

  • Mum’s been staying with us
  • She has had time to blog
  • And I have time to post it it!

So here, without further ado, is Mum’s Christmas blog:

Boxing Day
Here I am enjoying Christmas very much. I’ve been let out for the festivities!

I wonder how those who had to stay ‘HERE’ – at our ‘Assisted living place’ are getting on. Most people went to stay with their families. I’m sure the ones left behind had a lovely lunch, with all the trimmings and no doubt some entertainment was provided. Or not!

I watch people shuffling into the lounge after lunch and settling down for coffee and a good gossip. I should not say ‘shuffling’ because most of them walk very well, perhaps with the aid of a stick. We also have our ‘walkers’. I hate mine but it does help me get about!

I suppose I should say that they chat to one another, but from what I hear ‘gossip’ is more accurate. I usually sit with some other friends and we listen in.

There are some very interesting people ‘HERE’ Who have had high power jobs in the past. It is very interesting talking to them and hearing where they have been and who they were and what they did. I don’t call that gossip though!


Christmas babyWhat a lovely Christmas with all the family, a new baby, two delightful dogs and two lovely cats! I am so lucky. They all really look after me.

Food of course was delicious and abundant. We played interesting games, which really made us think and showed how differently people view things!

The family took the dogs for a walk and they had a great time, even jumping in a pond (the dogs, that is) making everyone wet anyway when they shook themselves afterwards!! It was fun to see the photos they had taken: big fields with bushes and trees. All very interesting and perfect for Molly and Max to run about all over the place. What energy! I think they need some holding. I helped Gill choose some of the photos and videos for her Steller story.

It was lovely to chat on the phone to Gill’s friend Theresa. They were best friends at school from the age of eleven and they got up to all sorts together. She is 60 today – I can’t believe it. Where did all those years go?

It is so nice being here, with a change of scene and a window to watch other cars moving about, not just coming in and out like back home.


I have been persuaded to stay another two days, then back to the camp, which isn’t bad. Shall find out what other people have been doing over the holiday and enjoy a nice lunch. I have had glorious food here; I must’ve put on tons of weight.

I have enjoyed getting more familiar with my iPad, particularly reading the newspaper, doing puzzles and playing ‘Words with Friends’.. Normally I just play solitaire!

We have seen some good television including the Agatha Christie trilogy “Then there were none” (sinister!) and a film called ‘Peter and Wendy’ –  an adaptation of  Peter Pan, but far too scary for children!

Going back tomorrow and shall see all my friends. I hope they have missed me. The only good thing is that I shall not have to go upstairs at night! That is quite an effort!!

I shall have to dig out some bottles of wine because I have enjoyed it here so much with supper.

I don’t know what is happening on New Year’s Eve but I think they mean to do something. But it will be very Sassenach! They don’t know how to do Hogmanay in England!


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